Amazon’s New Logistics Partner (Sort Of).

The Positioning-Roulette flashcards will soon be available for purchase on Amazon (2nd half of July I guess) and I’ve decided to have Amazon do all the fulfillment (FBA) out of one of their warehouses (out of three actually). One of the side benefits is that they’ll also be eligible for Amazon Prime.

I’ve always wondered or tried to imagine where the products I order from Amazon originate from and how they get to me (so quickly)? And so in case you were wondering where the Positioning Roulette cards originate from and how they make it to the Amazon warehouses, here is your answer.

And now that you are here make sure to check out what Positioning-Roulette can do for your business and brand.

The starting point:

Drop off at FedEx for shipment to the warehouse:

And if you don’t want to wait for Amazon to set everything up, you can also buy the flash cards here. With over 800 copies sold, the cards are technically a best seller (average annual sales of a business book bestseller in the US is 250 copies). Technically.

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